Celebrity Genuine Estate: Anna Nicole Smith’s Luxury Home Sold In Ca, Why?

A dominant theme as of late in the real estate news has been the idea that the bubble is about to burst. Depending on who you read and what you believe, it’s either going to be a minor speed bump that only a few investors will even feel, or it’s going to be a elevator drop straight down, accompanied with a nuclear winter that will last until demand once again passes up supply.

To all my Canadian readers who are celebrating Canada Day this July 1, and to all my American readers celebrating Independence Day this July 4, I wish you safe and fun celebrations.

Our vulnerable market has created a perfect climate for real estate fraud and other types of scams. Following right on the heels of Bernie Madoff, who was convicted of committing the largest investor fraud by a single person, spring has sprung with a new collection of real estate related “tom foolery”.

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Many people are wondering “how am I going to sell my house fast?” There is help. By filling out a simple online form and supplying information on the home they company will call, make an offer, and if accepted the homeowner will collect upon closing. The Texas home market will allow homeowners to sell property fast. This selling also includes land. Investor are looking to purchase land and houses in these cities are willing to make a click this link fast sale.

Stay in touch: Preserve a level of communication with your buyers and sellers and keep them informed on new homes that fulfill their criteria. This will tell them that you are making their interests a top priority.

How can you get people to fill them out? That’s tricky. You can offer a discount on a service or a product, but that has the potential to take away anonymity. You can set up an anonymous survey that gives away a free prize once the survey is completed, like a free e-book or a coupon.

I hope these tips are useful for you and if anyone out there manages to actually generate substantial business from these, I want to know about it! This technology is still new but I think in the near future these will be huge for business as people will want to save everything on a smart phone that they can pull from the real world.

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